We are proud to announce the 7th National SIGASCOT Congress that will take place from 3rd – 5th October, 2018 at the Bologna Conference Centre, which also happens to be the venue of the first National SIGASCOT Congress held in 2006.

Bologna, a welcoming and hospitable city, is known for its historical heritage and rich culture.
Home of the oldest University in the Western world, Bologna has been an important urban centre since Etruscan times, and was also a prominent European city during the Middle Ages.
As Congress Chairmen, we are honoured to once again organize our biennial Congress in this splendid city, that will host top national and international experts in the field of knee surgery, arthroscopy, sport medicine and cartilage surgeries, as well as orthopaedic technologies.

Considering the great success of the previous editions, we haven’t modified the structure of the Congress.
All topics will be discussed and shared during the symposia, instructional courses, free communications sessions and poster sessions.
A faculty of both Italian and international colleagues will explain the latest advancements in arthroscopy, knee surgery and sports medicine during the highlight lectures and we are pleased to announce the participation of guest speakers from international scientific societies such as ESSKA, ISAKOS, AOSSM, AAHKS, JOSKAS.
During the congress there will also be a course for physiotherapists and sports operators with specific topics of great practical importance.
In addition, industry workshops and an important sponsor exhibition will allow the attendees to further their knowledge in the latest techniques and research in their specialties.

We hope you will join us in what is sure to be an educational Congress that will delight and impress, not only by providing the latest news in the orthopaedic field, but also due to its special setting in the welcoming city of Bologna and the Emilia Romagna region of Italy.

Pietro Randelli
Chairman of the Congress
President of SIGASCOT

Maurilio Marcacci
Honorary Chairman of the Congress

Stefano Zaffagnini
Chairman of the Congress
Chairman of the Scientific Programme


Vincenzo Madonna
Chairman of the Scientific Programme

Mario Ronga
Chairman of the Scientific Programme